PM Not being Received Blank PM window - New Help on this

Here is a list of some common problems users have had on Yazak and how to fix them.

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PM Not being Received Blank PM window - New Help on this

Post by Yazak » Sat May 19, 2012 2:03 pm

It has been found that users that are not seeming to sending PM's
The other users see's this "UserID is typing a message" with blank PM window.

If the users who sending the PM logs in Yazak with Login Protocol V15 or V102 the Pm's will then show on receivers PM window.

Other Fix's are

1) Add the user to Buddies list (Not Chat room buddies list), but this does not always work. :o

2) Make sure you don't have user on Ignore or Yahoo Ignore

3) If you don't have that user added to your buddies list
need to check that you do NOT have Ignore anyone Checked on PM Preferences :o

Note: PM Preferences Ignore anyone (Ignores anyone not on your buddies list)


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