ignore words if said in room ie filter

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ignore words if said in room ie filter

Post by Zak » Tue Feb 10, 2004 3:50 am

Made the ignore word filter much easyer to Edit with it own window and a button on the chat room window to get to it quick :D

Look for the New Blue Filter Button above Send button

Heres what the Edit window looks like Image

shows a list of the Ignore words, at the botom is where you can enter new words then press enter to add that word to the list :roll:

You can also right click the window :arrow: to get the popup menu

:arrow: Delete Words - used to delete all selected words Use Ctr to select muti words and use Shift to select ranges of words

:arrow: Add Words - Add all Words in bottom of window (same as pressing Enter after putting in a word)


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