Added Right-Click Popup Menu To Ignore Button

New Features Added to Yazak or soon to add

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Added Right-Click Popup Menu To Ignore Button

Post by azwench » Sat Mar 29, 2008 8:19 am

Show Ignores Window

Shows the Ignore window as you're used to seeing it.

The following features were added to help with room flooders that bring in a high number of bots to flood the room with but run through all the bot names before it posts from the beginning bot again, which we've see a lot in the Help room lately.

Ignore All Strangers Posts and put on Temp Ignore

This will Ignore all strangers (anyone not added to your chat buddies list) when they post, this gives you a chance to bring up your ignore box and put them on permanent iggy or set up wildcard filters for the future if they show again.

Remove All Strangers On Temp Ignore

This Removes above ignores after the flooding bots have left and things return to normal.
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