Badly needed gawd mode(that blocks all incoming packets).

Any Ideas you have for New features to add to Yazak

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Badly needed gawd mode(that blocks all incoming packets).

Post by rooney2005 » Fri Dec 19, 2008 9:01 pm

Yazak is my favourite chat client.The only problem i see in yazak is that it doesn't have a gawd mode.The shield in yazak is almost useless because messages cannot be send when shield is on.It would be nice if there is a gawd mode that blocks all incoming packets and allows only outgoing packets.When all incoming packets are blocked then nobody will be able to boot the id and to see others' posts in the room i would sign in on another id and enter the room furtively.But right now i am afraid to challenge others to boot me when i am on yazak.I am getting booted out within 2 seconds..:(.Anyway, i don't wan't to leave yazak and use some other clients.Yazak is the best.
What really disappoints me is the shield mode.When someone boots me and forces me to turn the shield on, I have to see others typing "haha he got booted" and i cannot even reply to them and say that "i am here".I wonder what is the use of yazak shield !Please replace it with GAWD mode that blocks all incoming packets..

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Re: Badly needed gawd mode(that blocks all incoming packets).

Post by Yazak » Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:45 am

Get V8.86.16 or Higher uses Pm Flood Protection in place of Resume :D

19th December 2008 V8.86.16
Added Inprovement to flooding protection stop Typing packet flood and other flooding packets
put's users on PM Flood Protection... fix error in other flood protection not working correctly...

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