Set a User's Individual Volume to 0%

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Set a User's Individual Volume to 0%

Post by JustaUser » Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:04 am

I'm not sure if there's a way to do this currently in Yazak, but it would be very nice to set an individual's volume down to 0% ... As I understand it, the Volume Scale allows one to only go down to 16% ... Why would one want to do this? ... It would be a way to have essentially a client side voice ignore, when the server side voice ignore fails (and this happens quite often when Voice Hackers mess up the a room's Voice Server). It would also reduce the amount of "stepping" that occurs on the mic; instead of server side voice ignore iggying someone, turning down their volume to 0%, one could still "see" that they were on the mic and not key up underneath them ...

... The way an individual volume's handled with Yazak is somewhat strange, especially when voice in more than one chat room at a time, is active (Yes, you can listen to two chat rooms at once! lol). If there was a way to correct how it works for 2 rooms at once, that would be great, but I realize that's a lot of re-programming!...

... Just some thoughts ... and thanks for making Yazak available to all of us, including quick updates!

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