Yahoo! Messenger Blog Link

Check their blog out, sometimes it has pertinent information, most of the time...
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Yahoo! Messenger Blog Link

Post by azwench » Tue Jul 10, 2007 9:57 pm

Go here to check status on maintenance and down times for Yahoo, ignore the fact that it may be the next day before you see something! LOL

Oh, and you get to keep up on unnecessary bells and whistle crap like avatars and we're having an emoticon contest, too. Weeeeeee...bleck!

My thoughts are let's just have more than one day of chat without all the BS that everyone's experiencing just trying to chat with their buddies. Yeah, I know it's free but I'm female and sometimes I just like to b*tch about things. (Hehe, sometimes? I'll say it before you do.)

Don't Faint or anything but read the August 21st blog entry entitled Chat Room has some actual information in it about room entry and bots, etc.!
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