Yahoo Chat Problems Continue - October 2007

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Yahoo Chat Problems Continue - October 2007

Post by azwench » Fri Oct 26, 2007 3:48 pm

10/26/07 Okay I know I haven't made any posts this month but nothing that spectacular has been going on, just the normal Yahoo crapola.

A majority of people have been getting these messages in chat room:

*** Chat Error! Sending last line of text again ***
*** Chat Error Yahoo! didn't post your last line of text after 2nd try. Please try again. ***

The first error shows up and informs you that your text was eaten but resent again for you, it's unnecessary to type it again.

If you get the second line with it then it was unsuccessful and you must re-post the line again.

Yahoo has been consistently eating text since last night, everyone's having the same problem. Hopefully they'll get it their act together soon.

People are also experiencing a lot of problems with voice and web cam servers, too. So you're not alone if this is happening to you.

10/28/07 For all you Mac users, there's a new Yahoo Beta out: ... 30-beta-2/

If you can't get voice lately in any third-party chat clients like Yazak, Yahelite, etc. you'll need to sign into a lowercase ID.

10/29/07 There's a new Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta released: ... r-90-beta/

People have been experiencing lots of voice and web cam issues in the help room for the past few days.
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