Yahoo Chat Problems Continue - September 2007

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Yahoo Chat Problems Continue - September 2007

Post by azwench » Sun Sep 02, 2007 11:11 am

09/01/07 CAPTCHA is here to stay, I love it personally but a lot of people whining about it. I don't surf a whole lot of rooms though. Occasionally a bot slips into the room, generally it's someone testing Yahoo. I still have my word and wildcard filters in place, a lot have opted to get rid of theirs. Yahoo definitely needs to do something about people connecting on voice before the verification for the room goes through, there's an exploit waiting to happen.

09/02/07 Yahoo is reporting the incorrect number on room occupancy so good luck. The knock feature does work if you're patient. I can generally get back to the room I want by working my way backwards, too. Rooms 1 and 2 are reporting 50 users, finally get into 1 and there are 7 users total! LOL

09/06/07 Yahoo dumped their servers again to clear stuff up for awhile, let's see how long it takes for rooms to fill up again. They're already reporting the room occupancy again as full when it's far from being full. Yahoo has a new 8.1 Build 421 and they've also released a Mac Beta which should thrill the Mac users that have been waiting for eons on a release.

If you upgrade to the 421 build of Messenger, you'll have to do the voice fix on the DLL again:

Yahoo Blog about Mac Beta Release: ... on-beta-2/

09/10/07 Nothing new to report really, people are still having problems getting into rooms incorrectly showing as full when there may be as few as 10 names in it. Hopefully Yahoo will perform a server dump before the weekend again. Someone posted this Washington Post blog in the chat room that makes an interesting read: ... verru.html

09/16/07 Well we knew it would happen, they have found a way around the Captcha verification and can load up the rooms with bots, surprise surprise. I read this entry on Yahoo! Messenger blog and I'm still trying to figure out what the upgrade to chat room was myself, If you have an answer for this, put it in the Yahoo Yackety-Yak section of our forum because I'd really like to know: ... /#comments
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