Yahoo Chat Problems Continue - August 2007

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Yahoo Chat Problems Continue - August 2007

Post by azwench » Wed Aug 01, 2007 4:12 pm

Yahoo servers are messed up, but then again...What's new about that anymore?

08/01007: Read my new post on using Alpha Servers to still connect to Yahoo when Regular Yahoo Servers are down here:

08/07/07 Lots of room bounce going on, missed posts are avg'ing 50% or more, major lag on posts in chat room, so basically voice chat is the only way to go right now.

08/09/07 Be patient, use regular join room button with anti-room bounce checked and only hit once, let the knock feature do its job...when the join fast button bounces you around. Set the right-hand numbers to 10 second intervals for a total of 60 knocks and see how that works for you (the two numbers to the left of the pink U). Lag is running as high as two minutes or more, missed posts are as high as seeing 1 out of every 4 posts, try switching servers around, unchecking the random option on the login window. So far I'm having fairly good luck with the server.

08/10/07 Yahoo is broked again, get on the Alpha servers or go rent videos tonight! Yahoo's eating more posts than a fat kid at a weinie eating contest!

08/12/07 There is some confusion about the regular Yahoo servers and the Alpha Yahoo servers for most...They are the same room titles on two different servers. Yahoo! Chat Help:1 on Alpha server is not the same room as Yahoo! Chat Help:1 on regular Yahoo servers. You will not see the posts of someone on the other side of the servers, however the voice servers are the same and you hear each other on it. The only clients I've seen capable of getting on Alpha Servers are Yazak and Ymlite, some claim Ytunnel users can, I haven't run across one yet.

08/13/07 Yahoo maintenance going on from 10AM to 1PM PST time on servers. Read the blog here:

08/14/07 Well, whatever they did for maintenance is unnoticeable to me. Regular chat rooms are at a standstill, you can voice and pm each other. Only way to go right now is getting on the Alpha server, which more and more people are doing.

:arrow: Here's a regedit that your Yahoo Messenger buddies can do to connect to the Alpha servers that Venom posted in the YTK Pro forum:

08/14/07 11PM EST Well now the Alpha servers are giving us disconnects and it's getting harder to log into them also. Lag is almost 3 minutes in the regular chat rooms. Oh Joy!

08/16/07 Yahoo's pulled a good one now! Read this post if you want an explanation for what's going on with room entries now:

08/17/07 Be prepared for automatic disconnects from the chat room approx every 65 minutes, read my post here: ... highlight=

:arrow: Missing Posts in the chat rooms now? You must be on YMSG v15 and also on port 5050 if you were using any others prior to this change.

08/18/07 Check out Freecreed's Website for the lastest explanation on Yahoo server issues here:

08/20/07 Total chaos in the chat rooms, all the lower numbers are being filled with disconnected user IDs that get stuck and the bots. It's the luck of the draw whether you're going to get into your room or not, but don't count on it. Freecreed calls it the Yahoo Make a New Friend Program! Best luck is to start conferences or pm all your buddies and try to meet in a higher numbered room. The only hope I see is if Yahoo performs a complete server dump on the regular and Alpha servers, kicking everyone off. Remember that Yah-rage I had mentioned before? I've lost count how many times I've heard people turning the air blue with cuss words on voice over the past four days. I've even learned some new ones, didn't think that was possible!

08/21/07 Don't Faint or anything but read the August 21st blog entry entitled Chat Room has some actual information in it about room entry and bots, etc.! Miracles never cease! ... follow-up/

08/23/07 Yahoo Messenger just released 8.1 Build 416 for security issues involving webcams. Some people with Windows Vista are reporting being able to use voice in chat now, but I think they already had the voice codec installed prior to installing the new Yahoo Messenger update. ... ?id=082107

08/25/07 The majority of people we've talked to in the chat help rooms have confirmed that they had the tsp codec installed already when they were trying to get voice in Yahoo before this latest update. They can get it on Messenger but haven't been successful in chat clients, that's due to the new DLL that Yahoo put in within the last few versions of updates. Yahelite and Yazak use an older version.

08/26/07 Now Yahoo's done it...when changing rooms and you get the room is full message, only your text shows up in Messenger, you'll need to close and re-open messenger when you get that message. It's the same in Yazak when you get the communication error 3. Thank you, Yahoo! Grrrrrrrrr Read Freecreed's front page entries for more info.

08/29/07 Yahoo's finally done it! Early this morning they put CAPTCHA into place, here's a screenshot of it: ... ation.html

Also read Freecreed's page here:

Be prepared for the Yahoo system to be down off and on several times today as they continue maintenance.

:arrow: You have to enter the scrambled letters/numbers code prior to actually entering a room. Zak's already put this capability into place ages ago when he saw them testing the feature in the Alpha servers. Thank you Zak, it works great.

:arrow: The ID you will see posting the CAPTCHA verification link is yahoo, make sure you add that name to your chat buddies as never ignore to assure seeing the link when it's posted.

:arrow: You may not see your ID in the room list, just type into the room and it should appear in the list after that.

:arrow: The Yahoo disconnects are still occurring.

:arrow: I haven't seen one bot enter the room since they started this fix early in the AM. It'll take getting used to, but I'm loving it so far!

:arrow: Messenger has also released another version 8.1 Build 419 now. If you update to it, you're going to have to run the voice fix again. It will appear once you sign back into Yazak in the chat room window as a clickable link then reboot and start Yazak again.

Read this link for the Voice Fix:

08/31/07 Yahoo's reporting false quantities of room occupancy, nothing new unfortunately. I can get in on any client and generally have the best luck starting in a higher room and then working my way back to the room I want with knocking. Using just regular messy, you're pretty much stuck with the higher numbered rooms. They need to make it so people can't connect to voice until the CAPTCHA approval goes through, some are still loading up voice with bots.
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