Want to Keep Your Favorite ID? Keep It Out Of The Chat Room

Hopefully these tips will help you if you've just installed Yazak and want to know about some of the cool features it has or perhaps if you've been a long-time user of the program and you haven't done many changes to make your chatting experience more enjoyable.
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Want to Keep Your Favorite ID? Keep It Out Of The Chat Room

Post by azwench » Mon Dec 10, 2007 5:59 pm

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If you have a favorite Yahoo ID that you can't live without then keep it out of chat rooms and don't add any contacts to it except people that you trust without a doubt including giving out the email address to it.

Set up several throw-away names and only take those into chat exclusively, if they want to send you an email...give them a hotmail address to send things to.

See this notice Zak posted on his website, click the Link about Yahoo! Accounts being Deactivated:


Use this link to attempt recovering your ID:

http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/edit/a ... neral.html

Btw, if you cuss in text in the chat room be prepared to be banned if someone activates the blue report abuse link via Yahoo! Messenger and sends a room transcript to Yahoo. I think it sends the past five minutes of chat text from the room. You have been warned.

Or if you lose an ID due to account lockers/deactivators so what...just sign in another of your throw-away names and forget it.

People that you want to be able to chat with in pm...set them up as chat buddies never ignore never ignore pms then copy that account list over to your new ID in yazak. All of my IDs and preferences get transferred to a new ID easily using notepad. Takes about two minutes to get it all up and running again. Make sure you sign into Yazak once so the basic files for the new ID are created first.

To Copy over Preferences:

Under Yazak Preferences folder you will see three files created for each ID you sign into Yazak:


Right-click the top one that doesn't look like a text file (but it actually is) and choose notepad to open it with. Under Edit choose Select All then Copy...open up another ID (using the top file again) that you want to transfer preferences to choose select All, Delete, Paste to copy that info into that ID then SAVE.

To Copy over Chat Buddies:

Open up the buddies folder and you will see your text file for buddies on each ID, open the main one that you want to copy...do the Select All, Copy then open up the other ID and do the Select All, Delete, Paste to put it into that one then Save.

This method can be used with your ignore lists too under the Ignores folder.
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