Use the Shield and Ghost ID to Prevent Being Booted

Hopefully these tips will help you if you've just installed Yazak and want to know about some of the cool features it has or perhaps if you've been a long-time user of the program and you haven't done many changes to make your chatting experience more enjoyable.
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Use the Shield and Ghost ID to Prevent Being Booted

Post by azwench » Sat Sep 08, 2007 12:14 am

Watch the step-by-step video here first:

:arrow: Remember to create separate IDs to use for your Ghost ID or use an alias on another IDs account. It cannot be an alias of the main ID that you intend to chat with.

:arrow: All intended Ghost IDs must be logged into chat at least once using Yazak and make sure you select remember username and password when entering them into Yazak's Login Window.

:arrow: When you're ready to leave the room, hit the green ghost icon again, click the leave button then hit the X up in the right-hand corner. Pause awhile and take your regular ID out of the room so your hidden ID isn't spotted easily.

:arrow: Remember, you won't get your ghost into a room that is full, so pay attention to the occupancy before trying to bring your ghost in.

:arrow: I don't leave the Shield on all the time, just long enough to block the boot packets. Check by turning it off, if they're still flying, turn it back on for awhile.

:arrow: I add these setting to my Main IDs along with any Ghost IDs I set up. I don't know if it helps, but it makes me feel more protected. :D

On Preferences Page 3:

Uncheck Allow Room Invites
Uncheck Accept Yahoo Files
Uncheck INF Exploit Allow
Uncheck Allow Conference Invites
Uncheck Allow Voice Invites
Check Refuse anyone adding me to their friends list (This one is very important so a booter cannot add your ghost ID to their contact list without your knowledge and see your online status to boot you when they're not even in the same room.)

On Preferences Page 4:

Max Room Leaves under 3 secs...I lower the default setting of 8 to 3
Make sure you have a 0 in Re-enter Room Idle Mins.

On PM Preferences check NO PMS which is what I do, you can still fish them out of the rejected PMs if you want to reply.

:arrow: If you have your Ghost/Shield on and you start seeing rows of this, it means your Ghost ID is being hit with boot packets:

All you have to do is click your shield off, I generally count to ten, and then click it back on again. Keep in mind that the Shield blocks packets for protection, but it is not meant to be used from the time you're in chat until the time you leave.

:arrow: I bring my ghost into the room and let it sit there, I only activate the Shield when the room situation calls for it to start blocking boot packets. Then after a few minutes I turn the shield off to see if packets are still flying(watch the thin line area right below your text entry area at bottom of chat window, generally you see Ping Yahoo! message but when there are lines of text flying by at a very fast rate in that area that's when you're getting hit with packets)...if they're not, I leave it off until I need it again. To leave it on all the time is just crazy...unless you're misbehaving and making the little boot kiddies irate (which I admit I do sometimes when bored). :D

:arrow: I also watch my room timer up top, to the right of the $$ and I rotate my ghost IDs, taking out my current one and bringing in a new ghost. It helps keep them guessing about your ghost IDs.[/color][/b]
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