CPO Eliminated--See Shield and Ghost Entry Above

Hopefully these tips will help you if you've just installed Yazak and want to know about some of the cool features it has or perhaps if you've been a long-time user of the program and you haven't done many changes to make your chatting experience more enjoyable.
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CPO Eliminated--See Shield and Ghost Entry Above

Post by azwench » Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:26 am

First of all, read Carol's updated tutorial on CPO Mode here


There are some good screenshots in there that will help you understand CPO Mode and creating a Ghost ID better.

It's been working great for me when Yahoo's servers aren't acting up. Remember, any chat client is only going to operate at its full capacity as long as Yahoo servers are in full working order. Yeah, I know...wishful thinking again!

:arrow: Remember to create separate IDs to use for your Ghost ID or use an alias on another IDs account. It cannot be an alias of the main ID that you intend to chat with in CPO Mode.

:arrow: All ID's must be logged into chat at least once using Yazak and make sure you select remember password when entering them into Yazak's Login Window.

:arrow: When Yahoo's servers are lagging, I login the Ghost ID into the room first BEFORE I activate CPO Mode, so that I am assured of not losing text in the room. Once my Ghost ID has entered, only then do I activate CPO Mode. When there isn't any lag, you can do it the opposite way.

:arrow: I have had cases recently where I have lost room text, and had to re-login the Ghost ID to get it back, so keep an eye on your room text. You don't have to go out of CPO Mode to do this, just bring up the Ghost ID login window.

:arrow: For added protection, I will activate the Shield also. The Shield stops all PM packets.

:arrow: CPO Mode with the Ghost ID stops all invite packets such as room invites by faking out Yahoo Servers into thinking you're not on Yahoo but you are is the best way I can explain it. You post text with your main ID in the room and read the room posts with your Ghost ID.

:arrow: I don't stay in CPO Mode all the time I'm logged into chat, just when the room situation calls for it. I rarely even turn on the Shield . Just learn to gauge the situation in the room. If some goofball comes in and starts challenging the room to boot him or all of a sudden your buddies are getting booted, turn that baby on! When things quiet down again, I turn it back off.

:arrow: All chat programs are bootable, I'm not here to claim they're not, but with CPO Mode using the Ghost ID and having the Shield on, the only time I've been disconnected is when Yahoo itself is playing up or my wireless connection burps on me. Perhaps I should cut back on my Pepsi intake? :D

Revised 09/07/07 As of September 5, 2007 Version 8.71.1 Zak has eliminated CPO mode since it's unnecessary. Instead you will use the Shield to block packets and the new improved Ghost which will display the chat room text for you.
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