Most Frequent Bot Phrases Posted 10 Times or More 08/18/07

Hopefully these tips will help you if you've just installed Yazak and want to know about some of the cool features it has or perhaps if you've been a long-time user of the program and you haven't done many changes to make your chatting experience more enjoyable.
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Most Frequent Bot Phrases Posted 10 Times or More 08/18/07

Post by azwench » Wed Aug 01, 2007 9:11 pm

These are the most frequent bot phrases posted in Yahoo! Chat Help:1 according to the Word Filters I have set up and using the Stats Tool found under Extra Toys>>External Programs>>Show Stats in Yazak.

Feel free to add them to your Word Filters List aka Filter.txt file. I have them set up as permanent iggies but you can easily take out the $$ at the beginning of the phrase to make them temporary iggies if you want.

$$23 f
$$any guys from the
$$any one wanna trade undressed kids photos or videos?
$$anyone have a working webcam
$$anyone hot here?
$$anyone wanna talk?
$$are you lonely?
$$at your service!
$$attend my
$$bots suck
$$can you hear me now?
$$can you send me a pixture?
$$check my
$$check out my
$$cum see
$$drop by my
$$drop in my
$$fell lonely!
$$fellas lets trade
$$for you!
$$for your pleasure!
$$free money making tips
$$girls only!
$$girls with cams
$$go ahead and connect
$$guys w/ cams or pics
$$hot pix
$$i am here
$$i am hooking up now
$$i am seeking lovers
$$i have brand new pics to show you
$$i will stick around for another minute
$$is it hard to get yahoo webcam working?
$$is lonely!
$$is your picture real?
$$kind of pointing
$$my boyfriend doesn't know
$$my camera is on
$$no bots
$$pm from
$$someone else pm me
$$too many bots
$$visit my
$$wanna play?
$$whats happenin?
$$whos around?
$$wow you know how to get me going!
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