Let Wildcard Filters Ignore the Bots for You

Hopefully these tips will help you if you've just installed Yazak and want to know about some of the cool features it has or perhaps if you've been a long-time user of the program and you haven't done many changes to make your chatting experience more enjoyable.
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Let Wildcard Filters Ignore the Bots for You

Post by azwench » Sun Jun 24, 2007 6:22 pm

This Post Revised As Of August 1, 2007

Make sure you read Carol's Tutorial on Wildcards here first
http://www.carolisayazakuser.com/helppa ... ignore.htm

Since bot names change so much, my wildcards file isn't that large anymore. But there are always those you run across you never want to see.

Here is my latest wildcard.txt file that you can copy and paste if you want to save yourself some typing.

WildCard Filter Options that can be added:

:arrow: No symbols at the beginning of word or phrase will temporarily iggy the bot and will not go into your permanent iggy list.

:arrow: $$ at beginning will permanently iggy the bot that posted that word or phrase. These can be manually put at the beginning of the name before you hit the enter key.

:arrow: Zak recently added the # to wildcards, it filters numbers. This is great! I used to have filters a1*, a2*, a3*, b1*, b2*, etc. Which meant 260 entries just to cover every letter in the alphabet with every number 0-9 combo there was. Now that is down to 26 entries as a#*, b#*, c#*, etc.
I have the *#* to cover those just number bots or real people. Generally when they show up, it just means trouble.

NEW!: We've compiled lists made by Zak and Tam (me) that you can load right up to Yazak at the following Link:

http://www.yazakpro.com/yazak/extra/fil ... index.html

or here:

http://www.carolisayazakuser.com/yazak/ ... index.html

Click the one that has Made by Tam in the title


If you want a smaller filter file to begin with...click the one titled Made by Zak

SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure you REVIEW and EDIT these text files to your needs BEFORE loading them up into your filters.

Hope this answers a few of the questions you have about using wildcard filters and for the people that hate typing, I've given you a good start on wildcard filters!
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