Let Word Filters Ignore the Bots for You

Hopefully these tips will help you if you've just installed Yazak and want to know about some of the cool features it has or perhaps if you've been a long-time user of the program and you haven't done many changes to make your chatting experience more enjoyable.
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Let Word Filters Ignore the Bots for You

Post by azwench » Sat Jun 16, 2007 6:55 pm

This Post Revised As Of August 1, 2007

Zak has a great feature in Yazak to filter the most common words and/or phrases used by bots in the chat room. Bot names change all the time but the phrases they post don't change that much until you go to different types of rooms.

Go to Carol's Tutorial Page on Filters at http://www.carolisayazakuser.com/helppage/filters.htm and go down to the Using the Filter section.

Once you've read it FIRST, read the rest of this!

If you hang out in the same chat room most of the time, you'll begin to notice fewer and fewer bots as your filters do their job and iggy the bots for you.

:arrow: Try not to pick too common of phrases that could be said by real people in the room. Things like hi, hello, hi roomies I choose not to filter out for that reason. A room bot will generally post several phrases and you can always get them on a second or third post.

:idea: Use the filter on cuss words you have no desire to see posted in the room. It's up to you whether you choose to just filter the phrase by putting ** in front of it or put the person on temporary by just entering the phrase or permanent iggy by putting $$ in front of the phrase.

:arrow: I also try to catch punctuation marks at the end of the phrases such as dudes! or babes! Most real people would just say dudes or babes without punctuation or it will be a longer sentence. Therefore, you are assured of catching a room bot rather than a real person.

:arrow: When you're finished entering the phrase, hit the Apply button to save what you've just entered.

:arrow: If you right-click in the white area of the filter box, you will see a variety of options. After I've entered quite a few filters I will save the filter list two ways.

1. I will save it back onto itself as Filter.txt and then choose the option Set User Ignore List To This List and then hit Apply.

2. I also keep a folder I created in my yazak program folder as Tam's Filters where I have a variety of filters I've created over time. That way if I want to go back to them and do some re-editing I can and save them as a new list and load them into the filters again.

:arrow: Room Flooding bots will use common symbols and punctuation marks when posting also. Filter the common ones out by entering several of the symbols like @@@@@ so you are assured of not catching a real post and iggying someone.

:arrow: Room Flooding bots also like to use the Arial Unicode MS font when flooding such as ¥ or §. I put those as a single symbol because real people don't post those and if they use a variety of those symbols you'll still accomplish filtering out the bot.

Word Filter Options that can be added:

:arrow: $$ at beginning will permanently iggy the bot that posted that word or phrase.

:arrow: ** at beginning will just filter out the word or phrase but will not iggy the bot that posted it.

:arrow: No symbols at the beginning of word or phrase will temporarily iggy the bot and will not go into your permanent iggy list.

These can be manually put at the beginning of the phrase before you hit the enter key.

You can also use the Stats Tool that Zak has included under Extra Toys>>External Programs>>Show Stats to do the job for you which will be the subject of a separate post in this forum.

When I want to load a brand-new list I've set up:

1. I delete all the old word filters by left-clicking the top item, then holding down the shift key and clicking the last item, this selects all items inbetween. Then I right-click and then select delete which wipes them all out.

2. At this point, I right-click the now empty box and select Set User Ignore Word List To This Word List and hit Apply.

Don't panic, we're not finished yet!

3. I then re-open the word filters box, right-click it and choose load list and direct it to my new list. Once it's loaded up, I right-click the box again and select Set User Ignore Word List To This Word List and hit Apply.

4. Now your new list should be up and loaded into the Word Filters.

NEW!: We've compiled lists made by Zak and Tam (me) that you can load right up to Yazak at the following Link:

http://www.yazakpro.com/yazak/extra/fil ... index.html

or here:

http://www.carolisayazakuser.com/yazak/ ... index.html

Click the one that has Made by Tam in the title


If you want a smaller filter file to begin with...click the one titled Made by Zak

SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure you REVIEW and EDIT these text files to your needs BEFORE loading them up into your filters.

Hope this answers a few of the questions you have about using word filters and for the people that hate typing, I've given you a good start on word filters!
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