Think Your Windows Firewall Is Disabled? Think Again

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Think Your Windows Firewall Is Disabled? Think Again

Post by azwench » Sun Jan 20, 2008 4:56 pm

I've used the Norton Internet Security Firewall and Comodo Personal Firewall after disabling the Windows XP Firewall...and I can tell you that the Windows Firewall is never fully disabled even when it says it is.

So if you're suddenly experiencing problems with programs being blocked when you KNOW you've set up permissions for the ports needed on a firewall program like Norton...look under the exceptions tab of Windows Firewall and add the permissions for the problem program and ports it works for you after that.

I have also found that when wanting to use my old router after I got a new DSL service that I had to bridge the modem that they sent me because it was a modem/firewall/router type thing.

If the label on the bottom of your modem says it's an ADSL router too and you're trying to use another router...there's part of the problem. Do some research on your modem model, I did. I also chatted live with my ISP and they walked me through disabling the firewall and router on the modem so that MY router and Windows Wirewall were the ones controlling my Internet connection.

Watch Freecreed's instructive video on setting up Windows Firewall here:
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