Get the server program

How to make a Room and have it Listed on YazServ
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Get the server program

Post by Yazak » Fri Oct 27, 2006 3:05 am

ok you want to make you own room

You will can start the server from Yazak in Chat Room Window
menu :arrow: Extra Toys :arrow: External Programs :arrow: YazServ - Run your own User Rooms

This is a very small program..."yazserv.exe" and is in the yazak folder you might wish to create a short cut to it to your desktop
it can be found in this folder C:\Program Files\ZakFromAnotherPlanet\Yazak Chat

Here is a link to How to Setup YazServ to work with a Netgear router, other routers will be different and you have to find out how to port fallward

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