Audibles in Pm's

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Audibles in Pm's

Post by Zak » Sat May 15, 2004 1:49 am

You may have noticed in Pm's a new button Audibles

If you have these loaded on your computer you will see 62 Faces if you have them all when you press the Audibles button

You can get these from Yazak Login Screen using Updater on Menu UpDate, Update Now
and on the Updater there is a new button Load Audibles
Note On site Only!!!! Install version New V7.13.3 and above

You can also get them if you have New V6 Messenger.

>> New Audibles selector >> Image

To send these Select the `Send` on top of the Audibles you want to use

to Receive Audibles you must be in YMSG V12 Protocol on yazak :D

If your not in that protocol logout and log back in on YMSG V12


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