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suggestions by st0rm

Posted: Mon May 03, 2010 2:53 pm
by st0rm
love your client yazak great job just a few suggestions 8)

1 auto voice on room join made optional

2 change colour on name too two colours or one whole colour

3 cloak tells time and chat shield when hit in the room by booters saying 15 seconds or what ever time is set in shield icon

4 auto switch from 17 to 102 auto if boot attack is more than a certain amount packets metre needed or if room boot hits yazak switchs straight to 102 auto after filling in the recaptcha optional for manual or auto may require a auto sign out in to 102 8)

5 an option too turn off add buddy / friend as this keeps pop ing up and can be annoying

6 type count shows how much type is left in a limit box by send and if tattoos in on it takes up a lot of charactors so this would be a really nice option 8)

i hope you like my suggestions and many thanks 8) :D