Information About Using The Yazak Forum Revised 01/14/08

This contains some important information you will need to know before registering
or posting in the Yazak Forum
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Information About Using The Yazak Forum Revised 01/14/08

Post by azwench » Mon Jan 14, 2008 7:29 am

This forum is for people that are actually seeking information and help with Yazak to view and post problems in. It is not a playground for immature children to play games and wreak havoc.

For Newcomers To The Yazak Forum

DO NOT private message Administrators or Moderators in the Yazak Forum with issues concerning Yazak. Post them in the forum where they belong so that the problem and the solution can be shared with everyone, in case they have the same issue. ALL postings of websites in your profiles or signatures of NEW forum members will be wiped and that ID BANNED as I come across them until further notice. A lot of spammers just create a profile to post a link into it and fill up the forum with useless information.

You do not have to be registered in the forum to simply view posts when you're seeking a solution to a problem or just to have a look around. You only have to register ONCE in the forum to be able to post. Duplicate entries or variations on a username is unnecessary and the duplications will be deleted immediately when found.

If you have not activated your username within a 48-hour time period with a VALID email address, the username will be deleted off the forum. I am also banning IPs using wildcards of the ones that have high incidents of repeated spamming in the forum. If your IP gets caught in the crossfire, all you have to do is message us and the wildcard will be corrected to filter less. If you are a valid user and I have banned your username by accident, please contact Zak or me and it will be resolved as soon as possible. Do not flame about it in the forum, it is unnecessary. A simple request to have the username unbanned will suffice.

I am monitoring all new registrations, the information entered on the profiles, and the material that they're posting in the forum. Don't bother registering with a strictly numbers ID on this forum, it will be deleted and banned immediately. For example: 0001112451, etc.

The criteria for banning includes putting inappropriate material in your profile and/or posting a message in the forum containing inappropriate material, whether it be a link or words. Posts containing racial slurs, strange acts involving children, other words, you know the drill and will be banned immediately.

I run IP traces on all new posts in the forum thanks to the spammers. I have a huge list of them to work with. If the IP you post with falls within that range and the trace results on the IP come back with this message: No host name is associated with this IP address or no reverse lookup is configured, You will get one PM with a warning and one warning only. If you post again with a fake proxy IP the username will be banned from the forum.

For Long-time Users Of The Yazak Forum

Registrations that were never activated in the past, have only visited their initial time after registering, haven't visited the forum in months or years have been eliminated just to help with the issue of spamming in the forum. If you are a valid user and I have banned your username by accident, please contact Zak or me and it will be resolved as soon as possible. Do not flame about it in the forum, it is unnecessary. A simple request to have the username unbanned will suffice.

To All The Lower Than Pond Scum Spammers That Post On The Yazak Forum

If you're a spammer, give it up because I'm in here constantly at various times of the day and your username will immediately be banned now. I may not catch you as you're doing it, but you will be caught!

To The "WIND-UP MERCHANTS" aka Sh*t Stirrers That Post On The Yazak Forum

You know the type...the ones that amuse themselves by posting their constant comments about repeated problems with Yazak, downright silly questions and obvious wastes of our time, etc. to answer...I've been fairly lenient up to this point but I won't be in the future. You're pretty obvious when I check the IPs that you've been posting comments with and there are at least 10 or more miscellaneous fake IPs from proxy servers listed and/or reviewing the content of your posts.

I will be deleting the posts, all of them that pertain to that user ID.

Banning the IP numbers either singularly or with a wildcard.

Deleting the user ID from the Yazak forum.

Retaining proof of your multiple IPs and the posts with screenshots that will be sent to Zak of why you were taken off the forum so whining to him about "Why was I banned? I didn't do anything" will be a waste of your time.

If you choose to waste your time and mine by re-registering under another ID and continue your BS, I will continue to ban you until you figure out that your efforts are pointless.

This forum is for the serious Yazak users truly seeking help with a problem, not for someone that uses another chat client trying to spread rumors about it being unsafe, unusable, constantly problematic, etc. If that were truly the case, there would be repeated posts about the same problem.

Zak works constantly on Yazak to fix any bugs that might occur as soon as he's aware of them. Well I think I've made my point and anyone will understand that this behavior won't be tolerated on the Yazak forum.

BTW, Thanks Nigel for the term "Wind-Up Merchants". I suppose it's more PC than my*t stirrers. :lol:

Now that I've had my say...Welcome to the Yazak Forum! I hope you find what you're seeking here whether it's a solution to a problem, other informational websites and materials, or just having a look out of curiosity. :D
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